DoubleClick Total Advertising Solution
Deliver Ads with Perfection

Sales Frontier Provides the Best Digital Advertising Solution

Customized rich media ad format

We provide full consulting service includes media, ad placement, and any DoubleClick ad tool as requested. For every campaign, we can provide the right tool and strategic suggestion.

Ad placement and DoubleClick product suggestion and operation

We have rich media advertising team to provide a one-stop planning and production service from front-end format customization to back-end creative production.

Full ad performance analysis

With DCM unified standard calculation of data tracking and monitoring, cross-channel media analysis provides solution with better precision for the next ad campaign.

Ad Campaign Delivery Process vs. DoubleClick Application

With integrated DoubleClick ad technology and service, we can achieve cross-screen, cross-channel, and cross-media delivery, use cookie to precisely target the audience, and deliver real-time content based on consumer interest. From performance analysis, we find key insight as reference for future campaign planning.